Sun Creek Center
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Sun Creek Center, built in 2009, is one of the first green business centers in Ulster County. It was specifically designed to use the natural and historic setting of the village of Stone Ridge, while providing a beautiful, comfortable and healthy work environment for multiple, healing disciplines.

The owner, Dr. Kathleen Caproni, is a psychologist. After many years of providing therapeutic and assessment service in various settings, she decided to create the work environment that she'd always envisioned for her clients and one that was in line with her strengthening values for renewable and energy-efficient living. Sun Creek Center is the result of a true team effort from the ground up - in the conception, building and operational process.

At Sun Creek Center we offer a variety of healing arts services in a child-friendly and homelike atmosphere. Come in and relax. Check out our Associates page to view our offerings, meet our staff, and learn more about their practices. We offer workshops and specialized trainings throughout the year, many of which are free to the community! Please visit our Facebook Events calendar to see details of upcoming workshops and how to contact us.